What sets one man apart from another? What makes one man bust his butt until the job gets done? While another man shows up just for a check. Integrity, pride in their work, strong work ethics, and confidence is what we here, at Working Militia United strives to do. Not really knowing what it is but, we believe when we clock in, we represent our families name. The people that came before us know that it’s not just all about the money, even though we all need it, it’s about doing a job and doing it to the best of our abilities.Forget a brand, it’s a brotherhood; that’s our company’s slogan. There’s always a brother or sister close by that understands the struggle; relationship problems, financial burden, the pain from being away from home, missing sporting events; or in my case, missing the birth of my child, feeling like you had to because bills still have to get paid. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to work from home but, you still have your own battles; weather, injuries, family issues, and everything that comes from being a human. Working Man United is here to motivate and support the workforce through clothing. We are here to create a shift from worker to working militia united soldiers. Never weaken, Never back up, and always do your best. Join the Militia.